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The management of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority wishes to explain to its cherished customers that the symbol ‘A’ and the glasses ( ) at the back of the New Smart Driver’s Licence is for the purpose of information and subsequent interpretation by enforcement agencies. The same symbols, however, become RESTRICTIVE SYMBOLS when an applicant is deemed to be competent in driving an automatic vehicle ONLY or could drive ONLY with the aid of medicated glasses. At that point, both symbols or one of them is placed on top of the photograph of the owner, on the front page of the Driver’s Licence, to restrict the driver to the type of vehicle to drive or request the driver to always drive with medicated glasses. It becomes an offence punishable by law when a driver who is restricted to driving an automatic vehicle ONLY, is found driving a manual vehicle or a driver who is supposed to drive with the aid of medicated glasses is found driving without the aid of glasses.